Why Choose RiseUp College?

RiseUp College provides a comprehensive turnkey solution that encompasses the entire spectrum of the skills development lifecycle, from initial assessment to program design, recruitment, training delivery, mentorship, and ongoing support. This holistic approach effectively alleviates the administrative burden on your company and optimizes the allocation of resources.

Our Commitment

At RiseUp College, our unwavering commitment is to revolutionize the landscape of skills development. Through strategic collaborations with RiseUp Management and RiseUp BEE, we empower organizations to cultivate highly skilled workforces, drive transformative change, and achieve their business objectives. Armed with our expertise and integrated approach, we stand ready to assist you in overcoming the challenges of tomorrow, unlocking a brighter future through effective learning and development initiatives.

Through our collaboration, companies can seamlessly outsource the entire process, including recruitment, the implementation of full qualification learnerships, and the placement of learners at host sites nationwide. These host sites are carefully chosen and overseen by experienced partners who offer continuous mentorship and guidance to learners throughout their learnership journey.

By offering a comprehensive training and support package, we empower learners to gain invaluable workplace experience, making them highly sought-after candidates upon successful completion of their learnerships. This not only benefits the hiring companies but also contributes to the growth of the economy and local communities.

Our proven model has consistently assisted major corporations in building robust pipelines of exceptionally skilled talent. Through our commitment to disability inclusion and the provision of essential support, we bridge the gap between People living With Disabilities and meaningful employment opportunities, fostering a more inclusive workforce and a more inclusive society.

By entrusting us as your reliable partner, you can focus on your core business while we expertly handle your learning and development needs.

When you entrust RiseUp College as your training partner,
you can anticipate the following benefits:

Exceptional Learner Recruitment
Through our expertise in recruitment, we source and select high-quality and motivated learners who are ideally suited to your organization’s requirements, guaranteeing the best possible outcomes.
Qualified and Experienced Instructors
Our trainers bring extensive industry experience and pedagogical proficiency to the table, providing learners with practical insights and expert guidance.
Accredited Qualifications
RiseUp College offers accredited qualifications and certifications, augmenting learners’ employability and opening doors to professional growth opportunities.
Flexible Learning Options
We offer a range of delivery methods, including classroom-based and virtual learning, accommodating learners’ preferences and schedules..
Personalized Support
We prioritize personalized attention and unwavering support for our learners. Our trainers and support staff are readily accessible to assist with any inquiries or challenges that may arise during the learning journey.
Strong Networks
RiseUp College maintains valuable connections with employers and industry leaders, facilitating potential job placements and networking opportunities that greatly benefit our learners.

Our Approach

The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for evolution in the learning and teaching environment. At RiseUp College we recognize this ever-changing landscape and provide learners with diverse learning modalities. We also acknowledge the importance of tailoring effective training programs to accommodate various learning styles and preferences. Therefore, we offer the following delivery methods for our training courses:

Instructor-Led Training
Our experienced trainers conduct face-to-face classroom sessions.
Virtual Instructor-Led
Seasoned trainers facilitate online virtual sessions.
Blended Learning
We harness the advantages of both classroom-based and virtual learning, offering a hybrid approach that enhances learning outcomes

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