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South Africa is a unique and dynamic country that has been marred by the apartheid legacy, leaving many disparities between the race groups. The most significant of which is the wealth disparity. Black Economic Empowerment is not only an important initiative, but also a moral one, that every company should embark on in order to redress these disparities. At Riseup BBBEE we understand that economic change in South Africa can only occur if every enterprise contributes towards empowering and developing our population. We offer businesses, large or small, the vehicle to contribute to this empowerment in a meaningful way.

About Us

RiseUp BBBEE is a subsidiary of the RiseUP Group of companies, we are a distinguished B-BBEE consultancy with extensive experience in both the consulting and verification sectors. The changing economic climate in South Africa and the mounting pressure from government has forced companies to ensure compliance with BBBEE goals. RiseUp BBBEE will ensure that your company meets these new regulatory requirements enabling your business to take advantage of business opportunities.

At RiseUp BBBEE we have a team of experts that will walk the journey with your company to compliance and verification. Our team has more than 10 years’ experience in BBBEE certification and verification. We understand the importance of being BBBEE compliant and the challenges companies face in the ever changing South African business context. Our team of experts are out of the box thinkers that will endeavour to bring innovative solutions for your companies BBBEE compliance.
Our Vision

“Envisioning Excellence” Our vision is to be the leading certification consulting company in Africa, setting the standard for trust and credibility in industries in South Africa.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to fostering economic empowerment by providing inclusive opportunities that uplift individuals and drive sustainable growth. We partner with our clients to create innovative solutions that build a more equitable society.

Why Choose Us?

RiseUP BBBEE has a team of experts with years of experience in developing BBBEE strategies for companies in various sectors of the SA market. Our team has extensive knowledge of The BBBEE codes and industry best practise that allow our team to be at the forefront of developing solutions that best suit your company. We have a penchant for service excellence that will ensure that your company obtains the highest quality intervention to obtaining your BBBEE certification.

Our strategic association with the other subsidiaries within the RiseUP Group; RiseUP Management and RiseUp College allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive value added service. This gives us a competitive advantage that few other companies can compete with.

Services Offered

B-BBEE Consulting

We specialize in providing B-BBEE Advisory Services that propose cost-effective initiatives and implementations that seamlessly integrate with your business procedures and structures, ensuring maximum scoring across the five B-BBEE elements and sub-elements:
  • Ownership
  • Management Control
  • Skills Development
  • Enterprise and Supplier Development, encompassing:
  • Preferential Procurement
  • Supplier Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Socio-Economic Development
Our primary objective as B-BBEE consultants is to align these elements with your company’s existing operational structure, minimizing any additional burden on your organization. In addition we are well-versed in the tax benefits and allowances associated with B-BBEE, as well as the potential SETA grants. After a thorough audit of your company we will diligently apply for these advantages to optimize cash flow for B-BBEE points, ensuring a favourable financial position for your business.

Our company will assist you to achieve your desired level of BBBEE certification with the least amount of interruptions to your core business. The entire process starts with an obligation-free consultation, during which we will evaluate the necessary measures to establish and enhance your compliance level. Our assessment will take into account your company’s financial and business structure factors.

B-BBEE File Compilation

Companies are often overwhelmed by the regulatory requirements that accompany BEE certification and are unable to compile the documentation required by Rating Agencies to successfully complete the annual verification audit. Our team of experts will ensure that all documentation required by the Rating Agency are compiled in an efficient and effective manner.

Monthly Retainer Services

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Monitoring of Cash Flow
We will monitor cash flow in order to minimise expenses
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Document Recording
Ensure effective document recording
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Optimise monthly planning
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On Call Assistance
We will provide assistance in adjusting your strategies through our ongoing collaboration with your staff.

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